The Open Data Agenda Framework

Providing a Framework for GODAN to deliver its Open Data Agenda for Agriculture and Nutrition in Africa

GODAN Programme for Capacity Development (GP4CD) supports anchor GODAN’s data agenda in in Africa by:

  • Creating capacity of development programmes that align the Open Data Agenda for Agriculture and Nutrition in Africa
  • Creating FoodHubs that promote demand for food supplies from FarmHubs through which farmers generate wealth from the labor generated by farmers using the guidance of youth and women who use the FarmHubs as their operational offices
  • Creating initiatives that create approaches for sourcing data from farmers, particularly smallholder farmers to support development partners in the implementation of Collaborative Engagements Development Partners in Africa and governments and between themselves through the open data spirt
  • Promoting partnership with individual universities and TVETs at every country where GODAN has a collaborative agreement to implement the agenda of the Nairobi Declaration Supporting in the training and capacity building of youths and women to understand the value of open data as an independence infusing tool

The GODAN Programme for Capacity Development (GP4CD) value chain agenda starts its actions from the data and information sought from the market, starting from the youth who need to know where their services are required so that based on the engagement with consumers and markets the logistics of delivering what markets need is delivered. Our programme and  services are anchored on

  1. Nutrition and Standards which advise on the
  2. Local and Global Agribusiness Actions necessary to deliver the Nutrition within the given Standards to the
  3. Production processes so that the extension and advisory insights deliver the desired nutrition and standards of food.
  4. The foregoing is however advised by the preproduction actions of research, input supplies and other ancillary services associated with knowledge delivery to the production process so that the feedback loop to the consumer layer is addressed