Applications and Data Sourcing Platforms

In agriculture, the sources of data are the value chain actors defined by the role they play in the value chain. For our purpose, the value chain is the sector of actions that are undertaken to transform a business process to create value to the customer. To this extent, the customer dictates the value requirement that they are ready and willing to pay for, which then triggers a chain activities and processes that deliver the required value.

We support the creation of platforms that support the sourcing of data in the chain of activities that are involved in the process of creating customer value. In agriculture, the process of creating a commodity or livestock starting with organizing the availability of inputs to the production process, supporting the delivery of inputs to the production process, supporting and making the production process possible, by supporting actions and practices that make production align with what makes the customer feel fulfilled, harvesting the product that has been so produced to make it available in the desired form when raw or the processing that can be undertaken to ensure transportability and use by the consumer are all actions from which we source data.

Our developers create the applications or platforms that the consumer can use to assess the parameters that they define as their critical needs in the food or agricultural produce they placed order for. Using our FoodHubs-FarmHubs model, we support the backward linkage from consumer to production and create the digital platforms that capture data that is then made available to anyone keen in assessing the operationalization of the value chain and hence make decisions on the basis of what transpires along the value chain.

Our focus is dealing with smallholder producers for whom we support the creation of organizations through which the systems and platforms can be hosted. We also provide platforms for capturing the production processes at the farm level such as the genealogy of the animals in the case of livestock or the varieties of seeds, soil and water resource requirements that advise good production so that investment in irrigation infrastructure, soil fertilization and sourcing of the water for supply to irrigation advise the investment needed in agriculture.