Education and Learning

Capacity Building

All the actions of the Programme for Capacity Development in Africa are delivered through a programmatic capacity building programme delivered through the following courses:

1.       Gender Action Learning System (GALS): this helps to promote understanding the GALS Catalyst tools, GALS Facilitation, Gender Vision Journey that we use to promote a focused and shared understanding of what communities need to do to promote knowledge sharing and harmony in co-creation of ideas that mutually benefit all in their organizational agribusiness and household dimensions

2.       Design Thinking and development of web solutions: this is a technology aligned digital learning programme to help learners to develop Web sites and content for sharing with the visitors to their digital ships. We train them how to design and develop Logos, how to integrate videos as well as editing them, use of auto cad , integration of Adobe animation, Graphical user interfaces and the use of simple web stools such as WordPress based content development

3.       Capacity building through office productivity platforms to address: introduces learners on the use of the tools they would need to use on a day to day basis to source data from the internet, develop their own documents using word processing, support working with spread sheet, communication presentation tools and the attendant skills; supporting business planning, using software that support skills and knowledge in finance for non-finance professionals, as well as leadership driven management within a project cycle management

4.       Value Chain Driven Agribusiness Management: is a non-computing domain that introduces learners to the food systems to understand the basis and foundation of the value chains and the commodities or livestock that supports the activities that define the value chain. We also introduce the learners to value chain optimization and actions that support agricultural data sourcing as well as the benefits of open data in input sourcing, design thinking, and Geospatial mapping of value chain activities and how all these align with the value chain thinking.

5.       Digital Marketing: Marketing is the most important skills necessary to get products to the consumer. They need to be informed, to have the produce in a form they can reach the consumers and within a price that is affordable to the consumers. Learning how to harness the skills to do this is critical which we do through digital dimensions using computers and mobile phones. This course trains people how to develop online marketing strategy, online marketing and why the use of social media is necessary, as well as promoting paid for advertising.

6.      Statistics and Geospatial Information Learning: we shall deliver knowledge in data sourcing using GIS learning at the FarmHubs /ELCs using GIS and Statistical packages offered jointly with our online learning partners such as the Commonwealth of Learning Udemy programmes which we customize to serve the agricultural sector in line with our programme.

7.       Combining the foregoing into Transformation Action Learning System: We undertake the foregoing courses to realize a new thinking, a new way of doing things or what we can transformation. The combination of the foregoing into one programme that integrates GALS + ICTs+ GIS + Value Chains + Design thinking is what we refer to as Transformation Action Learning. We support the creation of learners to learn how to create optimized organizations that generate youth employment within farmer owned Agribusiness, Incubation, Technologies and Extension (aiTex) Hubs. This is our flagship learning programme that we promote for sustainable development.