GODAN Programme for Capacity Development (GP4CD) is pleased to announce our Health and Nutrition Programme’s collaboration with Persown

While the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) focuses on data availability to promote decision making at the policy level, organizational level, and personal level with a focus on agriculture and nutrition, Persown envisions a world where no one suffers, or dies, from treatable communicable diseases when patient data can be captured using accurate, low-cost point-of-care diagnostic testing and secure technology.

Persown has therefore created a platform to serve all Medics with a particular focus on the over 75% Excluded Global Physicians not able to access state of the art diagnostic capabilities, that mobile technologies can deliver.

GODAN’s South-South Secretariat at GP4CD will work through its Center for Agriculture and Nutrition, Data Analytics and Innovation (CANDAI) to promote collaboration with partners in the Health, Education, Agriculture and Nutrition that have come together through the Center of Excellence in Data Sourcing at the University of Nairobi currently focusing on personalized therapeutic nutrition with a focus on remission of Type II Diabetes and other NCDs.

Persown’s Website https://persown.com/