Collaborations and Partnerships

GODAN GP4CD supports governments, development partners, civil society, research, academia and private sector in actions to identify how open data on food and nutrition can be used to support what they do. We formulate MoUs that promote use of Open Data on Agriculture and Nutrition…join us…

GODAN’s stakeholders are drawn from:

P – Policy institutions, or Private sector
E – Extension and Education Sectors
R – Research, or Retail
F – Farmers or Farmer Organizations
E – Entrepreneurs or  Enterprises
C – Communities as Consumers or Collaborators
T – Trade, Technology, Training, TVET sector
I – Innovators or  Investors
O – Open data facilitators, Opportunity seekers
N – Networks or Nutrition based activities

GP4CD Africa therefore seeks to promote PERFECTION in all in all its engagement with collaborators or partners by first getting to understand what they do and then supporting that from an Open Data aligned capacity building dimension.