Gender Action Learning System (GALS)

Gender Action Learning System (GALS) is a community-led empowerment methodology using specific participatory processes and diagram tools that aims to give women as well as men more control over their lives as the basis for individual, household, community and organizational development.

The key focus of the program is to analyze and breakthrough gender based barriers and changing gender base inequalities at individual and at the family level as challenges that prevent participants from achieving their visions. Gender inequalities are the key cause of enterprises and economic inequality at household levels, which in turn leads to poverty. In addition, the training aimed at enabling participants to recognize gender injustice as an obstacle to their shared visions for a better life.


Learners are facilitated to learn and draw individual vision road journey with achievable targets and road map to move towards their visions, based on analysis of their current situation, past achievements, opportunities and challenges. This is the underlying change frame work that allows the participants to visualize and in diagrams draw what they would like to achieve in a given timeline.

To achieve the GODAN Programme for Capacity Development (GP4CD) goal of creating capacity in youths. Youths are to be taken through the Transformation Action Learning system (TALS) which constitutes GALS, ICT application skills, value chain GIS (geospatial information system), and design thinking. TALS curriculum aims at empowering youths with a blend of skills that will help them to be useful in advisory and extension services to their respective farmer groups as well as supporting training in other regions. In this regard, the classes are chances to provide youths with an opportunity to disengage in the social vices rampant in the area such as drug abuse and alcoholism.

We have reached to more than 300 people in this program.