CANDAI-Policy Impact is a social enterprise. It is anchored on the open data work of the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN), the personalized therapeutic nutrition agenda of the IPTN, Nutrition Department of the University of Nairobi and other willing and participating Universities, Governments at national and subnational levels, Development Partner Projects and Programmes as well as  Research and Community/Farmer based initiatives.

Structure – we now have UoN anchored CANDAI as the structure to promote our joint agenda in promoting personalized therapeutic nutrition ahead of the global leaders

Strategy – anchored on our nutrition, health, agriculture and education agenda which we have been using to integrate our community and government engagement

Systems – which is demonstrated through our Sustainable Livelihoods Support Platform (SLiSP), which we are using to transform, and indeed disrupt, the old models of working in the government space

Staff– where we support knowledge driven youth as the extension and advisory services carriers from faculty, research and government to support communities create agribusinesses driving investment in health, nutrition, agriculture and education

Skills – which we promote by supporting farmers- and consumer-owned agribusinesses to learn using our collaborations with global partners such as Udemy, Cousera, and Google to empower staff to deliver on the expectations of the organizational strategy

Style – in leadership that promotes effective governance in leadership and effective management to realize the expected results, supporting the management to link up with beneficial networks

Shared value– towards profit driven social enterprises that support the CANDAI agenda at the community level anchoring students and youths to support the realization of the economic social and environmental dimensions of the FarmHubs and FoodHubs for

Sustainability – which ensures that our efforts promotes our own efforts and those of our partners and clients to an economically secure future that is anchored on a socially empowered communities by promoting ecologically supported and driven agricultural, nutrition, health and education anchored knowledge domains.