Promoting Innovation for Development

There are many ways of defining innovation which makes it necessary to agree on what in our understanding as GP4CD we consider as innovation. If you can transform ideas into solutions that benefit another person, or a customer, then you are an innovator. If you create products, solutions, or services that just wow you without benefiting another person and for value, then you cannot fit into this definition.

At GODAN Programme for Capacity Development (GP4CD) we support people to create products, services, or solutions using diverse platforms such as Udemy and Coursera as eLearning platforms that help people evolve new ideas which they then convert to solutions that benefit others. We can therefore say that if you are one of our learners who have offered their knowledge to benefit others, you are our champion innovator. We are keen to hear about your innovation on our blog pages. 

Businesses are the best vehicles for delivering innovation to users as they are in the business of satisfying customers, or others, for value. 

Of course there are people who love calling themselves innovators but whatever they have created just makes them feel nice, because they had a vision that has been met. We unfortunately will not consider these as innovations because they may end up dying with their innovations that make no one else.