GODAN Programme for Capacity Development (GP4CD) Approach to Capacity Building for SMEs

The GODAN Programme for Capacity Development (GP4CD) SME Empowerment Programme has started at the Ubuntu Junior Academy, where we shall anchor the strategic focus of Ubuntu as they create a structured engagement with their technical and operational team members. We have laid a foundation on the co-creation of organizational vision road journey driven by individual team member visionary goal setting.

We have crafted our SME Coaching and Support that is designed to improve the performance of
teams so that they can align individuals focus towards organizational performance targets. We
ensure individual employee growth leads to organizational achievement of its goals, calling for
targeted employee teams’ focus that anchors individual growth.

We have designed appropriate teambuilding tools and methodologies that perfectly align individual goals with organizational goals. We support the entrepreneur, or employer, to deliver their knowledge anchored vision to their teams to easily chart their contribution by documenting the roles they play in contributing to the organization.

Our delight would be to walk the transformational journey with your organization as we demonstrate how the employees can connect their efforts to achieving organizational goals, thereby symbiotically realizing their individual professional growth goals.

The GODAN Programme for Capacity Development (GP4CD) was created to support data anchored evidence creation for sustainable development. Developmental data is derived from processes that impact communities such as the farming communities in rural Kenya. The household methodological approach of Genders Action Learning System (GALS) is GODAN Programme for Capacity Development (GP4CD) adopted approach to guide its livelihoods empowerment initiatives. We use GALS to support the creation of community agribusinesses anchored on the GODAN Agribusiness Champions Corporative Society (GACCS) and through it promote vision anchored development initiatives that bring communities to co-create a common future through agribusiness.

While GALS was created as an IFAD inclusivity tool and adopted for community empowerment, its capacity to transform IFAD Programmes into Sustainable Agricultural Businesses has not been realized. We ensure Projects are transformed into ICT anchored, data driven youth aligned SMEs that deliver innovation. We formulate approaches for integrating household methodologies to business, thereby illuminating new pathways for SMEs in the South-South as mandated by GODAN to promote data driven development – Kenya is the proof of concept country.

The challenges presented by the COVID period presented the opportunity for GODAN Programme for Capacity Development (GP4CD) GALS SME Programme to business owners, we honed digital skills for work through our eLearning Programmes and started transforming employee thinking to promote the understanding of how to set goals through visionary thinking and deriving opportunities from the challenges they face in their everyday work. Our facilitators help individuals to set organizational milestones aligned to their own, no matter where their current position may be… join us…be part of the journeying!

As a young organization, created during the COVID Pandemic period, drawing employees from many that lost their employment to the pandemic, the need for an assured visionary thinking and co-creation of the corporate vision was necessary for Ubuntu.

The organization has laid a GALS driven foundation with its leadership evolving their personal vision and laying the strategic thinking to the staff. Once presented to the staff – both technical and administrative – they were challenged to evolve their own visions by re-framing their problem in employee-centric ways, defining ideas in groups brainstorming among themselves then presenting the same to plenary sessions. An experiential, or hands-on, approach of evolving the visionary road journey was done at the group or team level before presentation to the plenary. The approach to realize the corporate vision as broken down into diverse milestones and activities to realize them with a view to realizing the overall corporate goal/vision. Individual workplace activities were aligned with the achievement of targeted corporate milestones using defined actions.