Design Thinking

Deliverables Design Thinking Identifying your community problem(s) / need(s) and turn it/them into an opportunity Create a solution based on the need Develop and test a prototype of the solution

Keeping The Doors of Learning Open in Kenya

Learning in life is a continuous process. Facilitation of it is key to sustainable development. The creation of the UN SDGs saw a renewed commitment by governments and entities to find ways to make quality education more accessible and affordable by all. This resulted in the proliferation of open, long-distance technology-enabled learning models similar to those that had been developed by organisations such as Commonwealth of Learning (COL),, an intergovernmental organisation formed […]

Open Online Distance Learning to an African

My first encounter with open long distance learning was during my childhood and most of it seemed to be from Bible Correspondence Institutes miles away. Quite often I would read of one in the newspaper or witness a minister of the gospel engage with one. Interestingly enough such learning seemed to have a great impact to the learners, improving their livelihood, both economically and socially. […]