Calling all ICT4D and AgTech developers working on projects in South and East Africa!

IFAD are currently mapping initiatives in order to better understand what is going on in the AgTech space in Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA).

Please take a few minutes to fill in the Airtable survey with any projects you have been involved in, even if just at concept note stage, before 16 April 2021:

The research will help IFAD ESA understand how to better tailor additional support for in-country projects to advance the development, application and adoption of diverse digital solutions depending on the country context.

GODAN Regional Lead and Director of the GODAN Programme for Capacity Development (GP4CD), Kiringai Kamau, said: “On behalf of GODAN and the South-South Secretariat GP4CD, we are delighted to invite you as our partners to help IFAD ESA to better understand where we are in the AgTech space and to evolve a knowledge-driven repository to assist us in moving our evidential story to the next level.

In the ICT4D and ICT4Ag sectors in South-South regions, it is rare to find evidence-based research help to guide focus and intervention. We end up with many uncoordinated technological developments, and apps that serve little strategic benefit… This investigative work will help us to better understand and coordinate projects, reducing duplication and speeding up innovation.”